The One Class Everyone Needs

By: Michael Christiansen


 No matter the degree there is one thing that stands true in all areas of the work force. We must know how to sell and market ourselves. Whether we plan on selling products, services, who we are, or our expertise. Yes, you Bio majors need to learn how to sell too,  I’ll explain why soon.

When choosing a career we hope that we have chosen a path, that will make us happy and provide for ourselves and our family with a comfortable income. I personally chose Exercise Science and became a Coach. I do not call myself a trainer because I “Coach” clients in more areas than just exercise.

So what am I selling? I am selling myself, my knowledge, my personality, my facility and my programs. Why am I so much better than anyone else I’m not? But one thing I am is a good seller. I’d like to think the large amounts of people I have helped would be my affirmation of why everyone would train with me. Maybe my retention rate is over 80% since I started in 2011. Yeah 80%, I am doing something right! Its because I sold myself and not exercise. Everyone knows they need to workout. Why should they workout with me is the question that needed to be answered.

You could be the best coach in the world, but if you can’t sell yourself or market your services you will also be the hungriest coach in the world.

So your asking yourself why do I need to sell, I am going to be biologist?! You will most likely interview for a position? You will most likely need to sell yourself to your prospective employer? What about grants, you will need to submit your request or simply put, your ad copy as to why they should choose your project over someone else’s.

Sales and Marketing works for any Degree and should be taught Freshman Year and cultivated over the entire Colligate Program. Why? If we are taught to sell products or ourselves we can gain the skills needed to interview well, start a business, think outside the box, and be prepared to hustle.

 Living off of sales is similar to the days when we were hunter anedab62bbda64f5e55c3595ea56b4eecad gathers. Prehistoric man wasn’t handed a meal and patted on the head for taking it. NO, they went out and had to fight for food. The ones that found a consistent method of gathering lived more abundantly. Fighting for sales and learning systems that increase and improve the delivery of sales will only be a benefit to young graduates.

 Okay, so here is the hard part where do I learn how to sell and market? Taking extra classes in school could be an option. I personally went to a private school and it would have cost me WAYYYYYY to much to get a minor in marketing and sales. Time was an issue too. Plus I had no idea I needed it until I needed it. 

You can do what I did and try to piece together your own program from some Facebook groups, Guru’s free webinars (they all sell the same stuff, trust me I’ve seen 100’s) or read a couple blogs. Would you like me to save you time? How about a couple year’s worth of time? Here it is.

The Blue Print

Now I would like to warn you. I am NOT selling you anything. Everything I am about to show you is FREE (unless you opt for a hard copy of a book. The book is free, just pay S+H)

 The first thing I would do is sign up for free services. Here is the list with links to them;

 Mail Chimp is a free email service that allows you to capture, store and interact with clients. Email is an essential part of any sales program.

 Canva is a very easy photo editor for Social Media, Blog Posts, Email and Flyers.

 Affiliate Boot Camp is a 100 day program on sales and marketing. You will learn how to create sales pages, email marketing, social media marketing, social media targeting, identifying your niche market and your perfect client.

**Disclaimer they provide this free training so you will learn to sell their product. There is no commitment to their product but if you wanted to sell it the commissions are insanely good.

DotComSecrets Book – Free, just pay shipping and handling. Great start to learning Internet and Digital Marketing. It allowed me to really examine my referral system or lack there of. I am now building Joint Ventures with Doctors, Chiro’s, PT’s, Barbers, Hair Stylists, Teachers, Massage Therapists.

 Wix ADI editor. The web hosting Wix offers stunning done for you websites that you can use as a free funnel until you are able to pay for a true sales funnel. I use Click Funnels. I have tried Lead Pages and Word Press but I keep going back to Click Funnels.

 Facebook Business Page or Profile page (not Personal). Having an established business page or profile gives you credibility in the eyes of potential new clients.

 WordPress for blog posts. If you do want to pay for traffic you need a reason for people to visit you. Writing a Blog or Video Blog can really make a big difference in your traffic. I personally write about Fitness and Exercise and Business. You can use your email list, Facebook page and Wix Page to promote your blog and vice versa.

 Wix will only get you so far. My suggestion is once you have made a few dollars switch over to ClickFunnels as it is an all in one solution. You can run your blog, sales page, email client, credit card processor and blog from one dashboard. They offer a free 14 day trial, so you can get in there and play around with it.

 Affiliate Programs are a great way to start making an income online until you have built up a significant email list. You can sign up on Amazon and review some of your favorite products. Clickbanks is another affiliate program that allows you to sell 1000’s of items without having an inventory.

 You need sales to sell your products or yourself! There is no career or business where you are not selling. Start learning now and master your sales skills before you actually need them! The best part if you put even just a little work in, you’ll probably make more money sitting at home then you would at a typical job.

 Now, you are probably super excited about learning how to set up your online business?! You have the tools, not its time to learn how to use them. Next, we will break down the setup to integrate all these tools together. Thank you again for checking out our blog.  






The only FREE Digital Marketing Program

By: Michael Christiansen

It’s no secret.

In the last few years making money online has gotten a LOT harder!

Google slaps…

Rising costs of traffic…

Markets getting more sophisticated…

In fact, some well known marketers have recently started to say that “online marketing as we know it is DEAD!”

They say that a new breed of marketing has replaced it, and we all need to be Snapchatting and Instagramming all day without ever trying to sell anything…

They claim that we can “guilt people into buying” by just giving… and giving… and giving some more…

And the weird thing is, they’re right.

You can’t just throw up a webpage, buy some adwords traffic and expect to be driving a Lamborghini within a couple months anymore…

(In fact, it never really worked that way…)

But at the same time… you don’t need to overcomplicate it and spend months building out a complex labyrinth that will just confuse your prospects.

No. What you need now is the same thing you’ve always needed…

A solid foundation.

The right offer, presented to the right people, in the right delivery method will give you the ability to create cash “on demand” over and over again.

And how can you find that offer, those people, and the right delivery method?

Well, there are two paths.
First, you can try to do it alone… “follow your passion” and just “do what feels right”… and in about 6 months, chances are pretty good you’ll be right where you started.
The second path is smarter.
Find someone else who has done what you want to do, and use their “framework” as your model.

That way you’re building your business on a solid foundation, and you’ll be much more likely to succeed.

Now you probably have lots of questions…

“Where do I find someone to model?”

“How do I know they’re making lots of money?”

“Will this work for my business?”

“What about the tech stuff?”

And that’s why the Affiliate Bootcamp is so important for you to use to educate yourself in online and email business developing.
The bootcamp is free coaching! You can even market Clickfunnels without actually having Clickfunnels. This makes your entry into the business of online marketing and sales very easy. There is a 14 day free trial. We suggest getting 5 days in and then starting the trial to maximize your productivity time. Most Marketers would say, make the sale immediately, but we want your success. If you have never ran a campaign or designed a site, give yourself a couple of extra days to learn.

If you want to accelerate your training you can get two FREE books 108 Split Tests to improve your conversions, DotComSecrets Book
Here is your FREE Click Funnels Account. You can start selling today.

Do You Want To Flip Burgers or Own Your Own Business? A Guide to Becoming A Young Entrepreneur

By: Michael Christiansen

The young Entrepreneur is being expressed as a lost cause. Why is this? Why have we lost faith in our youth? Why have we written them off as lazy, dimwitted, and incapable of face to face social interactions. I work with teenagers and young college students and although I do not understand all the things they do, I do know they aren’t lazy, or dimwitted. One problem they do have is face to face communication but that is my generations fault for making cell-phones and text messaging (To date I am 37 years old). We have found a way to fix this! Keep reading for the answer. 

To say that the Entrepreneur spirit is lost with 18-22 year olds isn’t correct. We are told as marketers to stay away from these age groups, but why? If given the right direction and molding they could be powerhouse sellers and marketers online. Why? They spend so much time on social media they probably know it better than we do. The difference is they haven’t been shown how to make money using it. I personally think that most big digital marketing firms do not want to compete with an 18 year old. They can do more work in 10 hours than an adult can do in 3 days. Most 18 year olds do not have kids, lawns or car pool to worry about.

We should be pushing and developing these Young Entrepreneurs to develop the skills to run a business. If we do not show them the benefit of business ownership we will lose a part of what made this country so great.

At this point you are probably wondering how we can accomplish this? DING DING! We have a winner. A 100 day program that I have personally taken.  The program takes a Young Entrepreneur from not knowing a single thing about owning an online business to a working, fully functional online sales, and marketing powerhouse.  That is of course if the Young Entrepreneur chooses to put the work and effort to learn the program. Again an hour or so a day. 

The Affiliate Bootcamp Training at ClickFunnels. This course was 997 and is now offered free to all Entrepreneurs. Its FREE, seriously. The program asks Entrepreneurs to take roughly an hour a day of work. Some lessons require more time, especially in the beginning. Here are the outlines of the program;

  • Sales Funnel (website) setup
  • Digital Marketing through Email, Blog, Facebook and Instagram
  • Email Scripting ( They provide 1000’s of dollars worth of material for FREE)
  • Ad Promotion and Testing
  • Funnel Testing and Corrections
  • Affiliate Sales and Bonuses

All lessons are in video format with hardcopy worksheets to work with. Most lessons come from Mastermind meetings that affiliates paid 100’s if not 1000’s of dollars to see live. Clickfunnels has made it easy for anyone of any age or level of skill to learn their program. The reward for learning the program is simple. You will get multiple revenue categories opened to you. These categories include sales(real estate, products, drop ships and affiliate programs), Product launches, Webinars, Coaching Programs and Education.

Being able to spread your revenue categories ensures a consistent stream of income. Clickfunnels itself offers its affiliates an incredible reimbursement. Plenty of online marketers only work with Clickfunnels and make a residual monthly income of over 4k+ per month. Clickfunnels even offer a free car. Once reaching a certain amount of sales the affiliate will earn a 500 a month credit  towards their dream car. An affiliate can earn up to 1000 a month credit. Between the residual income and the car credit a Young Entrepreneur can conceivably graduate with a 100k + a year plus job that they created for themselves. This doesn’t include the earning they could earn making Sale Sites and Marketing Programs for businesses. These programs could range from 500 to 50k or higher depending on the size of the company.

So, the question is, as a  Young Entrepreneur would you rather flip burgers through college or build your own business?

Vegan Protein vs. Milk Protein

By: Michael Christiansen

Vegan protein supplements are becoming more popular as people are trying to find healthier behaviors. Becoming Vegan is now a normal thing in our society. The stigma of eating only vegetable based foods and being small and puny are over. Vegan Bodybuilders are alive and well. They are winning competitions and are doing it in a more health conscious way. I need to note that I am not a vegan, not even close. I do respect vegans though, its a tough choice they made but very well rewarding. Although I am not vegan, I do use a vegan protein powder and eat more plant based, non-processed foods. I feel better when I am able to stay consistent on eating “clean”.

Now lets bust some myths. Vegan Protein’s do not taste like you’re eating a branch. There are very good tasting vegan proteins. Here is a couple of our favorites;

Vega Protein is one of our favorites. Flavor is really good for a plant based protein. With 30 grams of Protein per serving Vega is one of the higher protein powders. Vega is loaded with 6g of BCAA’s and Probiotics for Gut Health. Vega is certified for collegiate sport by the informed choice. Gluten Free, Non-Gmo verified and Vegan certified means that Vega Sport  is a clean choice for athletes and non-athletes.

Sun Warrior  Warrior Blend is another great tasting protein powder. Warrior Blend is an easily digestible, nutrient filled superfood perfect for anyone who wants to amplify their health and fitness. Sun warrior is made from multiple sources of protein. They refine it a fine powder making it more soluble and digestible.

Unlike Plant Based Proteins Sun Warrior uses Medium chain triglycerides from coconut then join this dynamic fusion to create a unique, raw, plant-based protein with a complete amino acid profile exceptionally rich in Arginine, Lysine, Leucine, and branched chain amino acids.

 Orgain Organic Protein is a very popular powder. It is less expensive then the Vega and Sun Warrior but doesn’t lack in quality. Orgain is 21 grams of protein which is less than Vega. Orgain is certified non-gmo, gluten free, vegan, and Kosher. Orgain is an everyday protein choice for younger athletes and adults.

Vegan Proteins are not new, but because of the gained popularity there has been great strides on improving the quality of these protein powders. There are 100’s to choose from, these happen to be the most popular to us. We have supplied you with links to Amazon if you would like to read more and purchase these proteins. No matter the source you choose, if you switch to vegan protein powder you will be doing your body a favor and it will thank you by having more energy and strength. One great side effect of Vegan proteins is that they help you reach your daily intake of fruits and veggies. I know its a horrible side effect, but one I am sure you will live with.

Youth Soccer is Missing Something Very Important.

By Michael Christiansen

Youth soccer has become incredibly competitive and is a full-time job for young athletes. Professional soccer players have a team of Athletic Trainers, massage areas, spas, Physical Therapists, Strength Coaches and most teams have an Orthopedic Doctor on staff. Unfortunately our Youth Athletes are not privileged to these accommodations. They also have an 8 hour school day where they sit most of the time, a 3 hour practice and 2-3 hours of homework where they are sitting again.

What is Youth Soccer missing? Soft Tissue work, mainly Myo-fascial Massage. Hopefully we can shed some light on why Myo-fascial massage is so important. When we constantly stress our muscles, micro tears occur and when they heal the muscle is a little stronger. With these tears we cause stress to the fascial area. The fascia covers every muscle in the body and is connected from head to toe. The stress to the fascia can cause a soft adhesion. These adhesions cause the fluid in the fascia to become sticky. When this occurs nerves can stick to the muscle not allowing the muscle to function correctly. This can not be fixed with conventional stretching.

How does this effect athletes? Primarily soccer players? We have found that these problems occur at the ankle, shin and calf. If the problem isn’t addressed at an early stage it can turn into a knee and hip problem. These structures will be overused in order to make up for the lack of movement in the ankle, calf, and shin.

Now, how do we start working Myo-fascial Massage into our Youth Soccer Programs? We use two pieces of equipment at Revolution Fitness in Cooper City. We use The Stick  and
Lacrosse Ball Besides training with a Strength Coach, these two items are the two best tools an athlete can have to prevent injury and improve performance. I have attached Hyperlinks to Amazon if you would like to purchase these items.

Check out our YouTube channel for Videos on how to use The Stick and Lacrosse Ball.


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