The One Class Everyone Needs

By: Michael Christiansen


 No matter the degree there is one thing that stands true in all areas of the work force. We must know how to sell and market ourselves. Whether we plan on selling products, services, who we are, or our expertise. Yes, you Bio majors need to learn how to sell too,  I’ll explain why soon.

When choosing a career we hope that we have chosen a path, that will make us happy and provide for ourselves and our family with a comfortable income. I personally chose Exercise Science and became a Coach. I do not call myself a trainer because I “Coach” clients in more areas than just exercise.

So what am I selling? I am selling myself, my knowledge, my personality, my facility and my programs. Why am I so much better than anyone else I’m not? But one thing I am is a good seller. I’d like to think the large amounts of people I have helped would be my affirmation of why everyone would train with me. Maybe my retention rate is over 80% since I started in 2011. Yeah 80%, I am doing something right! Its because I sold myself and not exercise. Everyone knows they need to workout. Why should they workout with me is the question that needed to be answered.

You could be the best coach in the world, but if you can’t sell yourself or market your services you will also be the hungriest coach in the world.

So your asking yourself why do I need to sell, I am going to be biologist?! You will most likely interview for a position? You will most likely need to sell yourself to your prospective employer? What about grants, you will need to submit your request or simply put, your ad copy as to why they should choose your project over someone else’s.

Sales and Marketing works for any Degree and should be taught Freshman Year and cultivated over the entire Colligate Program. Why? If we are taught to sell products or ourselves we can gain the skills needed to interview well, start a business, think outside the box, and be prepared to hustle.

 Living off of sales is similar to the days when we were hunter anedab62bbda64f5e55c3595ea56b4eecad gathers. Prehistoric man wasn’t handed a meal and patted on the head for taking it. NO, they went out and had to fight for food. The ones that found a consistent method of gathering lived more abundantly. Fighting for sales and learning systems that increase and improve the delivery of sales will only be a benefit to young graduates.

 Okay, so here is the hard part where do I learn how to sell and market? Taking extra classes in school could be an option. I personally went to a private school and it would have cost me WAYYYYYY to much to get a minor in marketing and sales. Time was an issue too. Plus I had no idea I needed it until I needed it. 

You can do what I did and try to piece together your own program from some Facebook groups, Guru’s free webinars (they all sell the same stuff, trust me I’ve seen 100’s) or read a couple blogs. Would you like me to save you time? How about a couple year’s worth of time? Here it is.

The Blue Print

Now I would like to warn you. I am NOT selling you anything. Everything I am about to show you is FREE (unless you opt for a hard copy of a book. The book is free, just pay S+H)

 The first thing I would do is sign up for free services. Here is the list with links to them;

 Mail Chimp is a free email service that allows you to capture, store and interact with clients. Email is an essential part of any sales program.

 Canva is a very easy photo editor for Social Media, Blog Posts, Email and Flyers.

 Affiliate Boot Camp is a 100 day program on sales and marketing. You will learn how to create sales pages, email marketing, social media marketing, social media targeting, identifying your niche market and your perfect client.

**Disclaimer they provide this free training so you will learn to sell their product. There is no commitment to their product but if you wanted to sell it the commissions are insanely good.

DotComSecrets Book – Free, just pay shipping and handling. Great start to learning Internet and Digital Marketing. It allowed me to really examine my referral system or lack there of. I am now building Joint Ventures with Doctors, Chiro’s, PT’s, Barbers, Hair Stylists, Teachers, Massage Therapists.

 Wix ADI editor. The web hosting Wix offers stunning done for you websites that you can use as a free funnel until you are able to pay for a true sales funnel. I use Click Funnels. I have tried Lead Pages and Word Press but I keep going back to Click Funnels.

 Facebook Business Page or Profile page (not Personal). Having an established business page or profile gives you credibility in the eyes of potential new clients.

 WordPress for blog posts. If you do want to pay for traffic you need a reason for people to visit you. Writing a Blog or Video Blog can really make a big difference in your traffic. I personally write about Fitness and Exercise and Business. You can use your email list, Facebook page and Wix Page to promote your blog and vice versa.

 Wix will only get you so far. My suggestion is once you have made a few dollars switch over to ClickFunnels as it is an all in one solution. You can run your blog, sales page, email client, credit card processor and blog from one dashboard. They offer a free 14 day trial, so you can get in there and play around with it.

 Affiliate Programs are a great way to start making an income online until you have built up a significant email list. You can sign up on Amazon and review some of your favorite products. Clickbanks is another affiliate program that allows you to sell 1000’s of items without having an inventory.

 You need sales to sell your products or yourself! There is no career or business where you are not selling. Start learning now and master your sales skills before you actually need them! The best part if you put even just a little work in, you’ll probably make more money sitting at home then you would at a typical job.

 Now, you are probably super excited about learning how to set up your online business?! You have the tools, not its time to learn how to use them. Next, we will break down the setup to integrate all these tools together. Thank you again for checking out our blog.  





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