Do You Want To Flip Burgers or Own Your Own Business? A Guide to Becoming A Young Entrepreneur

By: Michael Christiansen

The young Entrepreneur is being expressed as a lost cause. Why is this? Why have we lost faith in our youth? Why have we written them off as lazy, dimwitted, and incapable of face to face social interactions. I work with teenagers and young college students and although I do not understand all the things they do, I do know they aren’t lazy, or dimwitted. One problem they do have is face to face communication but that is my generations fault for making cell-phones and text messaging (To date I am 37 years old). We have found a way to fix this! Keep reading for the answer. 

To say that the Entrepreneur spirit is lost with 18-22 year olds isn’t correct. We are told as marketers to stay away from these age groups, but why? If given the right direction and molding they could be powerhouse sellers and marketers online. Why? They spend so much time on social media they probably know it better than we do. The difference is they haven’t been shown how to make money using it. I personally think that most big digital marketing firms do not want to compete with an 18 year old. They can do more work in 10 hours than an adult can do in 3 days. Most 18 year olds do not have kids, lawns or car pool to worry about.

We should be pushing and developing these Young Entrepreneurs to develop the skills to run a business. If we do not show them the benefit of business ownership we will lose a part of what made this country so great.

At this point you are probably wondering how we can accomplish this? DING DING! We have a winner. A 100 day program that I have personally taken.  The program takes a Young Entrepreneur from not knowing a single thing about owning an online business to a working, fully functional online sales, and marketing powerhouse.  That is of course if the Young Entrepreneur chooses to put the work and effort to learn the program. Again an hour or so a day. 

The Affiliate Bootcamp Training at ClickFunnels. This course was 997 and is now offered free to all Entrepreneurs. Its FREE, seriously. The program asks Entrepreneurs to take roughly an hour a day of work. Some lessons require more time, especially in the beginning. Here are the outlines of the program;

  • Sales Funnel (website) setup
  • Digital Marketing through Email, Blog, Facebook and Instagram
  • Email Scripting ( They provide 1000’s of dollars worth of material for FREE)
  • Ad Promotion and Testing
  • Funnel Testing and Corrections
  • Affiliate Sales and Bonuses

All lessons are in video format with hardcopy worksheets to work with. Most lessons come from Mastermind meetings that affiliates paid 100’s if not 1000’s of dollars to see live. Clickfunnels has made it easy for anyone of any age or level of skill to learn their program. The reward for learning the program is simple. You will get multiple revenue categories opened to you. These categories include sales(real estate, products, drop ships and affiliate programs), Product launches, Webinars, Coaching Programs and Education.

Being able to spread your revenue categories ensures a consistent stream of income. Clickfunnels itself offers its affiliates an incredible reimbursement. Plenty of online marketers only work with Clickfunnels and make a residual monthly income of over 4k+ per month. Clickfunnels even offer a free car. Once reaching a certain amount of sales the affiliate will earn a 500 a month credit  towards their dream car. An affiliate can earn up to 1000 a month credit. Between the residual income and the car credit a Young Entrepreneur can conceivably graduate with a 100k + a year plus job that they created for themselves. This doesn’t include the earning they could earn making Sale Sites and Marketing Programs for businesses. These programs could range from 500 to 50k or higher depending on the size of the company.

So, the question is, as a  Young Entrepreneur would you rather flip burgers through college or build your own business?


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